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Frequent questions

What isCloud Hatch?

Cloud Hatchis an online code store. Your shopping a code package to create a small application, mainly serves to solve high school and college tasks. The package you receive contains the source code and an explanation for implementing it.

Who creates this code?

We have a group of experts who share their codes. These are not complicated codes, but are intended to give a quick help to the student who is learning programming.

Can I contribute my own code to the page?

At the moment not, since it is not a community page if not an online store. In the future we will implement a program of associates where you can send us code that we will evaluate, and if it is good to be marketed, you can receive a percentage for each download it has.

Can I reuse the code I receive?

When you download the code you have the right to use it in a personal way (for example, for the delivery of a task). You can not retransmit it or sell it to third parties, please check the Terms and Conditions to know all the rules.

Why not use GitHub better?

GitHub is a code repository used for collaboration or evaluation of mainly open source developments.Cloud Hatch instead is an online store with a specific market spanning students and beginners programming enthusiasts.

What is our refund policy?

Our refund policy is very simple: if you do not have total satisfaction in the product you received, we will make a 100% refund of what you paid, you can request this refund at any time. You also agree not to redistribute or use the downloaded project if you have requested this refund.